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Potato wilt - disease of infectious nature caused by fungi of the genus of Fusarium,is widely spread in Kazakhstan, the harmfulness of disease is expressed in a decrease in tuber yield. Identification of species is rather difficult because of overlapping symptoms range.The aim of the study was the identification of Fusarium pathogens of potatoes on the basis of both morphological characters and PCR data.Samples of leaves and tubers from 19 potatoes cultivars and hybrid were collected and analyzed, 9 monoconidialisolates were obtained.Given the cultural and morphological characteristics selected isolates were identified by usas
FusariumoxysporumSchltdl.In conducting the PCR it was revealed that the size of the diagnostic fragment from isolates obtained by us and from control F. oxysporum isolates 58284 and 58285 is 70 bp.Molecular genetic study confirms that pathogen of Fusarium disease of potatoes in the south-east of Kazakhstan is F. oxysporum.