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яровая мягкая пшеница, урожайность, селекция, продуктивность.


On the basis of the of the results of the research, the following varieties with high-productivity indexes can be recomended : from the group of varieties with average to early period of ripening - Shortandinskaya 25, Karagandinskaya 22, Asil Sapa, Tselina 60, varieties of average period of ripening: improved Shortandinskaya 95, Omskaya 29, Tselinnaya 26, Soltsystik and varieties of
average to late ripening period: Kazakhstanskaya 20, Sibirskii Alliance. The formation yields of varieties of spring soft wheat in Northern Kazakhstan was influenced by such elements of the yield structure, as the ear grain content and weight of 1000 seeds. The investigated varieties can be used in breeding as donors for breeding and promising samples with the complex of economically valuable traits.