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The history of the development of the Great Silk Way considered in a context and through a prism of development of architecture and town planning on track of the Great Silk Way is the mechanism of historical and cultural interaction, the cornerstone of formation of a Central Asian civilization. In the course of research it is established that the solution of the problem of revival of the Great Silk Way and its perspective development is possible only at the application of systems approach as the Great Silk Way is the composite interstate and intercivilization system, which all components are in continuous interaction and interrelation. It is established that the architecture and town planning, as well as culture in general, are not something invariable, once and for all to data. Under the favorable conditions in the development they are constantly improved in receptions of shaping. The architecture and town planning in the territory of the Great Silk Way represent a product of synthesis of local traditions and culture of countries near and far abroad.





Humanitarian and education sciences Part 2