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The analysis of the dynamics of dysfunctional brucellosis in cattle and small ruminants points in RK for 2013-2016, showed increase in the total number of points (173, 205, 258,262), respectively. Over the years, an increasing number of brucellosis affected cattle reatogo major points (34, 91, 140, 140, respectively), while the number of affected areas small cattle gradually decreased until 2015 (139, 114, 118, respectively). In 2016, the maximum number blagopoluchnyh points for brucellosis in cattle was registered in Almaty (31), East Kazakhstan (25), Aktobe (23), Kostanay (20), and brucellosis of small ruminants in Almaty (32), East Kazakhstan (28) and in
Zhambyl (23) region. The analysis of recreation activities through systematic study and slaughtering positively reacted to the brucellosis animals showed their low efficiency. Therefore, in farms with complex epizooties situation on brucellosis should be
considered, the transition dipole to the methods of replacement of all livestock or for use in the system of health measures of vaccination.