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Нура, ондатра, популяция, экология, биотоп.


Actuality of work contingently the necessity of all-round study of биоразнообразия for the different regions of Kazakhstan. In the last decades in Kazakhstan did not conduct research on the study of ondatra lands, their distribution and чиленности. A research object is one of valuable fur-bearing fur animals. An aim of work is a complex study of habitat of ondatra, presence of basic forage resources of youngs of wild animal, terms of the water mode of reservoirs of river basin Нура. To the article the populations given
on a study are driven, to ecology, distribution, quantity and closeness of ondatra in the different reservoirs of river basin Нура. Were certain найболее favourable reservoirs for the vital functions of ondatra. It is set as a result of research, that closeness of settling by the ondatra of reservoirs of river basin Нура is subzero and makes from 0,6 - 4 heads on a 1 hectare, that explained by sharp fluctuations of water and бедносью of feed base level.