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monospecific and mixed crops, the ratio of components, forage, feed units, digestible protein, the cultivation area.


The results of analysis of yield and nutritional value of single-species and mixed crops of cereals and leguminous crops cultivated in the forest-steppe and steppe zones of Western and Eastern Siberia, as well as in the steppe zone of Northern Kazakhstan. It is revealed that in comparison with single-species crop mixtures yield for yield by 13-15 %, but they are more plastic to weather conditions. The best cereals for mixtures of oats and barley, the use of wheat reduces total yield by 10-14 %. Mixed crops, possessing a high biological potential for productivity, are characterized by considerable fluctuations of yields in dry years up to 90 % of the
crop has formed cereal component, the share of legumes accounted for only 10 %. In humid years the proportion of legume component makes up 40-55 % of the yield of the mixture. According to the supply of digestible protein forage mixture at 23-28
g/K. units are superior to the monospecific crops of oats and barley, zootechnical norm for this indicator is achieved when the content in the crop mix of at least 15 % legume